Company policy

The main goal of Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s. (hereinafter referred to as PVS) is creation of conditions for supplying high-quality potable water and the corresponding drainage and treatment of wastewater for Prague citizens through administration of water management property and investor-engineering activities.

PVS fulfils and will continue to fulfil this highly responsible task with respect to principles of economic efficiency, operating reliability and protection of the environment. The company management principles are based on continuous recognition of the needs and demands of the customer, i.e. the City of Prague representatives, who politically represent the Prague citizens as well as business subjects within reach of the water supply and sewerage systems, reflecting these findings in strategic aims of the company.

To achieve its policy, Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s. has specified the following strategy:

  •   High-quality services for customers

Ensuring that operators of the water management property provide economically affordable services in the sphere of potable water supply, draining and treating of wastewater on a high level and continuous improvement of the services. While doing so, PVS will ensure that the legal obligations are satisfied and negative impacts on the environment are mitigated or even completely eliminated. Following a system transformation, PVS became an operator of the water supply system and, since 6th November 2013 has been purchasing potable water for the City of Prague from Želivská provozní s.r.o. and Vodárny Káraný, a.s. and selling it to the existing operator of Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s. Based on newly concluded contractual relations, PVS has a continuous impact of provision of stable supplies of potable water, inspections of its quality, stable price environment and supervision over utilization of strategic sources and their long-term exploitability.

Moreover, PVS has been appointed by the Prague City Council administrator of an overall reconstruction and extension of the Central Water Treatment Plant on Císařský ostrov in Prague. Termination of one of the most important recent investment projects is scheduled for December 2017.

  •   Care for the property and its effective utilization

Caring for the entrusted water management property, its renovation and lasting improvement of its condition. Ensuring that the operators use the property efficiently and correctly and maintain it.

  •  Planning and development

Application of high-quality planning and conceptual activities to support care for the entrusted water-management property, its renovation and development, preparation of the future development of the affected territories and satisfaction of the customers' rising demands for high-quality potable water supply and corresponding wastewater drainage and treatment.

Usage of financial means generated by the water supply and sewer rates from the owner's budget, from public budgets, EU resources, loans, etc. for implementation of the ensuing investment measures.

  •  Environment

Satisfaction of legal conditions for protection of the environment within its sphere of the company's activities and adoption of measures for continuous reduction of negative impacts on the environment. Further reduction of potable water losses and wastewater leaks, increase of wastewater treatment efficiency, utilization of energy potential of the water, the sludge, etc.

  •  Human resources

Permanent support of high expertise and professionalism of our employees, looking after their professional and personal development as well as motivation for fulfilling strategic goals of the company. Provision of feedback on the achieved results in all spheres that involve human resources for the directing and directed persons. 

  •  Occupational health and safety

Satisfaction of legal and other demands within the introduced OHS system to fully safeguard safety and protection of the company employees and other people working in the company. Increasing physical and mental resistance of the employees through preventive measures, gradual reduction of sickness rate, prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses. Prevention of incidents on construction sites and other company workplaces through regular inspections of the OHS and fire-protection principles. Careful enforcement of measures involving OHS to ensure that all people controlled by the company as well as authorized persons working in the company workplaces are protected against potential incidents.

  •  Integrated Management System

Continuation in application of the Integrated Management System in the company activities as a tool for achieving its strategic goals in efficient operation of the company. The goal is full satisfaction of the customers, i.e. the Prague citizens, by continuous improvement of the provided services.

In Prague, 1st August 2014

Ing. Petr Žejdlík, MBA

Chairman of the Board

Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s.

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