The future of PVS

The future prospects of Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s. are defined by the basic factor and thus the ability to finance the gradual restoration of outdated networks and further modernisation development. The level of investment into the restoration and maintenance of water management infrastructure goes hand in hand with the overall level of water and sewerage rates. The height of the water and sewerage rates is reflected in the amount of the rental charges paid by the operator, which is now de facto the only source serving to cover investments into the water management infrastructure. In 2011, a total of 4,309 repairs of the water supply network were carried out, 3,189 repairs to the sewerage network, and 882 technological equipment faults were eliminated. The failure rate in the capital city is four times higher than the average in the European Union. The increasing number of incidents is unsustainable in the long-term and can significantly jeopardise the operation of the networks in the future. It is also necessary to provide resources for significant long-term investment into the restoration of unresolved water management assets, such as the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant on Císařský ostrov. Unless we wish to spend increasingly large amounts of money to just dealing with emergency situations, it is necessary to embark on a path common within EU countries where the water management system is self-financed. In other words, the cost of this service is borne in full by the customer.

Among the most important current investment projects for reconstruction and development of the water management infrastructure is:
The Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Prague
PVS is the administrator of the reconstruction and expansion of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant on Císařský ostrov. It continuously implements the necessary actions to ensure and improve its proper operation. These include the reconstruction of the digestion tanks and their engine rooms, rehabilitation of the sand trap, etc.
Preparation of the "Complete reconstruction and expansion of ÚČOV Prague on Císařský ostrov" is ensured by the Prague City Investor Department of the Prague Council.
Želivka Water Treatment Plant, construction of floatation and reconstruction of filtration II

Completion of the floatation (separator) unit before the filtration stage II will enable removal of microorganisms from raw water and elimination of operational problems with the filtration, especially during the recovery of the Švihov reservoir. Reconstruction of sand filters in the filtration II hall into bi-layer filters (active coal, sand) with a new drainage system will remove micro-pollutants, including pesticides, contained in the water.
Potable water source in Káraný, reconstruction of filters 7-12

Filters 7-12 in the eastern filtration hall of the Sojovice Water Treatment Plant will be completely reconstructed. The filters will be of double-layer design without interbottoms. The reconstruction will allow filtration even in worsened treatability of the Jizera water.
Podolí Water Treatment Plant, reconstruction of 9 clarifiers

Clarifiers, which are at the limit of serviceability, will be gradually reconstructed.
DN 800 pipeline to the VDJ Kozinec zone, Prague 9

The new pipeline has been designed to increase safeguarding of the VDJ Kozinec inflow. Construction of the pipeline will allow development of the south-east part of Prague.
Reconstruction of the Vinohradská sewerage collector

Reconstruction of one of the oldest sewers will ensure the trouble-free discharge of sewerage and rainwater from Vinohrady
Reconstruction of a wastewater pumping station in Čakovice

The station will enable connection of the new Ďáblice and Letňany development areas
Modernisation of the Mišovice subsidiary wastewater treatment plant

As a "stop condition" in the plant's drainage area has been announced, new investment projects in the development areas cannot be connected. Modernisation of the wastewater treatment plant will allow the resumption of development in Čakovice, Miškovice, Třeboradice, Kbely and Letňany

When planning investment projects PVS proceeds on the basis of processed water management infrastructure concepts (the General Water Supply Plan and the Drainage Master Plan). Formulating a general plan allows PVS to flexibly respond to demands for conceptual solutions of problems connected with water supply and waste removal within Prague, for example, when the zoning plan is changed.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! The water and sewerage rates in the European Union are based on the so-called socially acceptable price. It is determined as 2% of the average net family income. This amount has not yet been achieved in Prague.

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