Environmental aspects

Important environmental aspects

PVS openly discusses its environmental aspects with the involved parties and individuals.
The following important aspects that can be affected by investor-engineering activities of PVS have been evaluated:

  • Leak of potable water in the pipeline
  • Penetration of ballast water into the piping
  • Quality of water discharged from the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Prague (hereinafter referred to as ÚČOV)
  • Quality of water discharged from the Subsidiary Wastewater Treatment Plants (hereinafter referred to as PČOV)

Achievement of goals in the EMS sphere

Optimisation of pressure circumstances in the water water supply system to reduce water losses by application of investment proceedings.

Prevention of leakage of the sewerage systems by their reconstructions, thus eliminating potential pollution of underground water by wastewater and, on the other hand, prevention of penetration of ballast water into the sewerage system.

Keeping the ÚČOV Prague serviceable by application of investment projects and observation of limits specified for discharge of wastewater from ÚČOV Prague.

Increasing efficiency of wastewater treatment in PČOV.

Information for the citizens and visitors to the City of Prague

Within the scope of its authorization from the Prague City Council, our company ensures restoration and investments in the water-management structure of Prague. The individual constructions can be located around the whole Prague territory, affecting more or less all of the citizens and visitors.

Despite all the effort of our employees and employees of the implementing companies, the surrounding area of the construction site is burdened with unpleasant features (increased noise, dustiness, traffic restrictions, etc.), which demand increased attention from citizens and visitors.

Thus, we ask you for patience if activities organized by our company bother you. To ensure your and your children's protection, move with caution and observe written instructions and warnings in the vicinity of the construction sites.

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